SQL server

Since the installation of Visual Studio 2019 the interface to msAccess was not working anymore. The Access database drivers are 32Bit and Visual Studio 2019 supports only the 64Bit version. With some little changes in the HMI code, the datalogging

PUMP Change may 24, 2024

In the figure below an example of the standard plotter function in the AFSM. After a certain amount of time the flow of the supply pump of the fishtank is descreasing to a level where it has to be cleaned

New AFSM functions

Announcement: For prediction of process durations (like filling a tank or heating a tank), there will be 2 new functions available soon in the standard. The new functions are returning the predicted completion time, by giving the start value, end

Conversion complete

The conversion of all articles from Joomla to WordPress is done. That is; it is acceptable for me. Still some articles have to be update with some pictures, but all relevant articles are there. It is possible to download files


March 2024 the AFSM content is converted to WordPress. The old Joomla site will be deleted when all articles are converted to the new domain.

Embedded systems

Reading on the internet about embedded systems, the arduino boards are popular because of the easy way of programming. The embedded software engineers are not enthusiastic about the use of Arduino boards, stronger; some of them are just negative about the

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things I found the populair ESP8266/ESP-07 WiFi shield. The WiFi shield is communicating via TX/RX hardware serial with the MEGA board. I programmed the ESP-07 module to read data from the board and send it to the internet by Wifi

Millis() roll over

From the start to 47,9 days the value of millis() rollover will occur and millis() starts with zero again. Every mS the value of millis() is increased by one. It is an unsigned long (32bits). With the use of timers

pH and TDS measurements interference

I need to measure both pH and the TDS in just one system for my salt water fish tank. But it is a known problem that the pH interface and the TDS interface interference when they are measuring in the same