The base for development of the applications is Visual Studio and VS Micro. Visual Studio is used for creating/maintenance of AFSM solutions. Below some installation hints for the software.

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 install (download installer from MicroSoft side)

  • Check .NET desktop development
  • no extra options needed for the basic AFSM

When installed, select Manage Extensions:

Search the Visual Micro extension from the online extensions, follow the instruction:

From the vMicro menu select <Configure IDE Locations>:

Press button “Download/Install IDE” :

Sketch libraries

After an initial installation of all the development software, you get errors, mostly for missing libraries. For the different sensors you need specific Library software. You can find the libraries used in the AFSM software as a downloadable zip file in the software download part of the site.

Download this files to a place on your computer. Don’t unzip the files.

When you need a specific library install the software:

The system will ask for the location of the zip file. After installation, chose option “refresh” from the Add library menu, and the library is ready for use. If the library is not in your sketch, you have to include the “.h” file. The includes come first in the Sketch.ino file. Most of the used libraries for the AFSM are already present.