If you like programming, electronics, easy making complex controls; in general automation; then take a look at the "Arduino Finite State Machine". The site describes techniques used for automation of (industrial) controls based on Arduino.

The AFSM is a DIY environment for embedded systems. 



Applications are made by VisualMicro (sketches), Visual Basic (HMI) and on the Rasberry Pi (HMI) with Python, all freeware. This site descibes some theory and offers the software for making controls based on the MEGA 2560 and DUE boards. Both applications and development software are freeware. Controls are made based on the principles of a finite state machine.  

Highlights of the Arduino Finite State Machine website:

Some knowledge of programming C++ for Arduino and Visual Basic/Visual Studio is needed. Enjoy this site and feel free to contact me.


Jelle Siemonsma
Heerenveen, the Netherlands