AFSM V2.4 - ARM.zip

AFSM V2.4 - ARM.zip
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03. Jan 2021
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ZIP file contains:

The latest standard software of dec, 2020. All software is part of a solution called Standard test AFSM 2.4 ARM and contains the projects; HMI and Configurator (VBA program for Windows 10) and the arduino Sketch for the DUE board (ATSAM3X8E ARM processor).

Developing tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.9.29 Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8.04084
vMicro 18th September 2020, ide version 1.6/1.8

The next upgrades are implemented per Dec, 2020:

  • Implementation of the Configurator for DUE boards


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