Use of the context menus

When a TextBox control is placed on the form as explained in the prior article, the control is fully automatic updated when the value of the tagname/control is changed on the board. It is also possible to right click on the control for masking and forcing I/O. With the context menu it is possible to start database logging and mask a digital input. Every performed action is stored on the board, not on HMI; so when HMI is stopped and started again, the specific conditions for the I/O are the same. Special condition are reset when the board is restarted.

Example of the context menu for a digital input:


Right clicking on the digital input control presents a context menu for controlling the I/O. It is possible to mask the digital input with "0" or "1" and it is possible to remove the mask again. As you can see, the tagname is placed on top of the context menu (for information). When hovering over the control, the metadata is presented as information as a tooltip.