Call:      TransitionToState(String StateName) 

Input:    StateName 



When called in an active finite state, the present state is going into “hibernate” mode (HIB) and the called state will be run in the next cycle, the “running state (RUN)”. When a transition to an already running state is made, nothing will happen, the call of the transition is ignored. If the newly running state is not found, the Pin 13 LED will blink in a frequency of 1 sec.


(see also this article about AFMS states). 



  • TransistionToState is putting the active caller state standard on HIB; when the caller state should also remain active, call TransitionToState also for the caller! 
  • A call to state ”END” from the only running state, will end the FSM. So when there is only one FSM executing, a call to state “END” will close the running FSM and the board is out of order.