(see also the configuration tool)

The user configuration contains all variables needed for e.g. the I/O, timer and may also contain user setup declarations. This is the part for the user configuration. See also the decalration part on the website. There are 5 special areas in the UserConfiguration.h part: pins, tags, FSM states, User variabes and control variables.


In this part the definition of the pins is declared. 


For every defined pin, you have to declare a unique tagname. for example when declared 6 digital out pins; declare also 6 unique tags. This is important; the software is cheking the areas of the pins and the number of pins and tags.


Declaration of the Finite Machine unique states. Remember; Start and End are fixed states. 

User variables

In this area you can declare all the user variables for the particular sketch. In fact; you can put them everywhere, but this is an area specially made for finding your variables in an easy way.

Control variables

boolean UseI2C = false;
boolean UseHMISerial = true;
boolean UseGPS = true;
boolean UseInterCommunication = false;