Leak detection

Water leakage at the aquarium! Caused by a loosened hose (not properly assembled). Fortunately there is a drip tray available. In this case big enough to hold the water.

Ok, there is some derived data for the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the water in tank or the sump (monitoring the levels), causing the control to go to a save situation. But no... i have not build and installed a physical "water on the floor" detection (yet). 

This project describes the make of a DIY water leak detection sensor. The sensor will be integrated into the Poseidon control.

Figure of the scheme:


The sensor is infact a voltage divider and cast in two component resin; robust and waterproof. Sensor1 and 2 are pins located in the drip tray. The devider voltage is connected to an analogue in pin, read and processed. I build/test the prototype in a separate solution and already integrated in the tank control. The prototype is build with the MEGA2560 standaard. 
With the AFSM tools it is very easy to develop and test. The whole process of building the base solution took no longer than 2 hours. First the I/O and FSM states are defined by the configurator; the analogue input "SENSOR" and (for debug reasons) the digital output "WOV".
The functional part is easy to make and maintain. Look for your self: 

Link to the AFSM files:

The 3-wire DIY sensor: