Useless PID control

In order to test the MPX5010DP (a pressure transmitter with a range of 0-10kPa, 0-100cm), i made a total useless PID control. Pumping water from one container to another and keep the level as steady as possible. I'm planning to use the MPX5010DP as level transmitters for the fishtank project

Below some picture of the control setup:

 PID Picture1

PID Picture2

PID Picture3


I made this PID control according to this PnID:

For the software i used my AFSM toolbox. In the next figures all of the AFSM used components:

The configurator:
PID configurator


The standard HMI screen:

The states made in the Finite state machine:
PID startPID TrottlePID regulate

...and a screen shot of the pen plotter:

The orange line is the raw process value of the leveltransmitter, the red line is the "steady" pump. With the trottle state, the fixed output of P1 can be set. In the plot you can see that some steady steps are made to test the behaviour of the PID control (and ofcourse the control of P2). The blue line is the output of the PID controller.