Summer 2017, Merke Wytgaard

Like every year we have a feast in our village called the "Wytgaardster merke". Like prior years i've build a little control in the years theme; for 2017 it was the letter "M". For our street we chose "Mearke". Mearke  stands for fairy tale. I had to build something for a fairy tale called "Rixt van Oerd" of the Frisian island Ameland.  


From the website of VVV Ameland: Rixt of het Oerd
On the square on the 'hoofdweg' is the statue of Rixt of het Oerd, the legendary female beach comber of Ameland. Rixt lived of ship wrecks and tried to control her destiny by letting ships fail on the Ameland coast with fires. Of course she couldn't get away with such a crime. Between the remains of a failed ship, Rixt found the dead body of her son. When the wind blows over 't Oerd, you can still hear Rixt moan over the death of her son.


So i made a little control with the AFSM.

Used components:

  • 2 proximity switches
  • 1 DC motor (with gear box)
  • 1 PIR (movement detection)
  • 1 Servo (for ringing the bell)
  • 6 relais (2 for pot. free contacts from the 24VDC proximity switches)

Screenshot of the interface. I had to make some events in het VBA program. Therefore I had to place some of the controls on the form to program these events. See also the GUI/HMI part of the website. This was needed to start the .WAV files for the sound effects. The sounds where triggered by commanding the lamp.


AFSM Rixt 


The control was working fine over the weekend. The communication was set up by an APC220 radio connection.
Press here for the movie. Cick here for the UserConfiguration, here for the UserFiniteStateMachine and click here for the VBA events.