Fridge broken on sunday!

Off corse, when the fridge gets broken, it must be on a day all stores are closed. In this case the thermostat is not working anymore after i cleaned the fridge. I've planned to replace the fridge a long time ago, because i had the feeling that after 16 years of service - and already replacing the original thermostat some years ago- a new fridge is a good investment. But.. broken on sunday. The compressor is still working so why not make a litle temporary sketch with the arduino? Ofcourse i've used the FSM software for making the application. Put the I/O info into the UserConfiguration and the software for the FSM in the User FiniteStateMachine (a very simple sketch, start the compressor at 6 degrees and stop at 4 degrees, a hysteresis of 2 degrees).

Making and testing of the sketch was easy done. For the compressor I made a switched socket for the compressor, and a wired short cut in place of the thermostat... and go. Now it is also possible to make a trend of the cooling and see how often the compressor is starting and log it all to a database. Bit freaky.., but why not for the moment.

Looking on a webstore for a replacement...


Click here for the UserConfiguration

Click here for the UserFiniteStateMachine