CAR ALARM (always know the last position of your car or ask for the current location)


The car alarm is build with the GPS module and a GPRS shield. When present in the car and connected to 12VDC, the GPS modules is "following" the moves of the vehicle. When the car is not moving for a certain amount of time, a sms is send to a cell phone. It will send the position in the format of google maps. See also the picture below.  When clicking on the SMS message, goolge maps is started and you will see the terrain picture with the location of the car. It is also possible to send a sms to the shield to command the shield to send the current position to the cell phone. Another sms which can be send is a sms with the text SALDO for returning the present saldo of the sim card of the shield (when using a pre-paid card).

See also the configuration file and the source of the finite state machine.


IMG 0552 2

     IMG 0553


When the GPS is connected via TX3/RX3 all data is now standard available in the AFSM. Standard polling is disabled because of possible dataoverrun. All data is polled by the $PUBX command and data is stored in a struct datatype (GPSdata) every 1000mS. Presenting the data on the PC monitor at home is in most cases not very usefull, so I so implemented the GPS in a car alarm.