The best way to make a new project is by copying an existing one. There are some usefull examples available on this site. Copy the example files to a computer and open the .sln file as an existing solution. Follow the example below:
Open the .sln file:
The solution will now be opened in Visual studio. Below an example of the development environment. This is just an example; it is possible to get an other window layout active, the layout (i.e. open windows) can be configured free and placed on different places in Visual Studio window. Important is the "Solution Explorer" window. When the Solution Explorer is not one of the active windows, you can open the window via tab View in the main menu or Ctr+Alt+L.
The solution explorer (on the right), presents the solution, existing of 2 projects; the sketch and VB project. In the second release there are 3 projects; sketch, HMI, Configurator.