Building of the tank and sump

Building a sea water tank is one of my long lasting projects. See also this link. It has been quiet a long time (caused by moving to another place), but building of the tank and sump is started now! I have finished testing the control -based on a Mega DUE- and disconnected all temperary cabling to sensors and valves; now concentrating on the real thing; tank, sump, piping and pumps. Later on, also an osmose tank is made for connecting an osmose device and storing ultra pure water. The osmose tank is also used for mixing salt water and water replacements. 

Tank and sump are made of plexiglass. 



The sump exists of 3 chambers; supply/coarse filter, protien skimmer and an extra filter chamber with drain for the boosterpump (water back to the tank).


The control unit:



... to be continued ...