ESP32 software soon available



In May this year the AFSM based software for the ESP32 VROOM board will be available. Because of the pins -the ESP has GPIO- the software of the AFSM software components had to be updated (except for the HMI software). 

At the moment - end of April 2021, the software for the Sketch and the Configurator has been implemented and tested for digital-in/out, analoge-in, DS18B20 temperature transmitters, ultrasonic devices and PWM outputs. The software and testing of servos has yet to be implemented; so far it seems that servo's and PWM have issues (probably caused by interrupts?). Individually -only servo or only PWM GPIO's- are working fine.  This is the first phase of the introduction of the AFSM software for the ESP32 board (with the same set of software like the MEGA and DUE boards and will be available May 2021). In the second phase, the rest of the possibilities of the ESP32 will be used; Wifi, bluetooth, deep sleep. 


When all software is implemented, i'll send a newsletter with this topic.