Choosing between Visual Basic and C# in Visual Studio 2019


The configurator and the HMI are made in Visual Basic Application. I'am moving to Visual Studio 2019. On the internet, I can find more samples in C# than Visual Basic. What programm language should I choose for new functionality?








I decided to do a conversion of the standard AFSM (Configurator and the HMI) from VBA to C#. This is easy done by a downloadable extension in Visiual studio 2019. Surprisingly easy! I had to make some adjustments in the code and had to change some properties of the projects (mainly for the HMI). It is now operational and tested. The software is downloadable in the software section of the site (simple control named ""). As earlier mentioned; the conversion was done in Visual Studio 2019.

  • See also under the "Development tools" tab in the "Menu" section of the site to see how the development tools (VS2019, VsMicro and the Arduino IDE) are installed.