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 Managed to program and run the "blink" example or able to present "hello world" on the serial monitor? if so, you're ready to discover the Arduino Finite State Machine.


Every washing machine, dryer, 3D printer and even your coffee machine, is equipted with a little controller or better embedded system. If you want to program some sort of control for your own project, take a look at the AFSM and attent the workshop. The workshop is also usefull for learning some basic PLC theory. After the workshop you're able to make and test your self made controls.


The next topics are handled:

  • Introduction and short overview workshop topics
  • Embedded systems
  • Finite state machine - the theory
  • Installation of development environment - Visual Studio Community 2017
  • MEGA2560 I/O mapping and sensors, servo's and steppers
  • Arduino Finite State Machine Standard
  • Define I/O and states/transitions 
  • Communication with the PC
  • The fridge and the drawbridge example
  • Special; DIY HMI and data aquisition




Come to Heerenveen (the Netherlands)! The Workshop is given in the Dutch language. To attent, you have to bring your own laptop. MEGA2560 boards are available. You may bring your own MEGA2560 board, breadboards and sensors. Some sensors are also present for general use. Windows 10 has to be installed already on the laptop and 2Gb free space must be available to install the development environment. Preferrable to have also Visual Studio Community 2017 already installed on the laptop. See for the software also Menu, Development tools on the website.


Workshop date:

... Thats the good news; I want to arrange a trial session for free. Subscribe for the trial version by sending a message via the contact page.