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Raspberry PI 3b

The development of the debug application for the PC (Windows 10) is paused for a while. The actual version is stable, there are some improvements possible but they can be categorized as the remaining "10%". Probable extra development is taking lots of time.

But... now i have received my first Raspberry PI version 3b. Goals for the coming period is making the same sort of debug application for the Arduino MEGA on the Raspberry, based on the AFSM as described in the website (sketch interface). The Raspberry is programmed in Phyton. I used Tkinter for making the GUI. At the moment the most basic components are working; When connecting a AFSM sketch to the Raspberry, the GUI is automatically filled with the known tags present/known on the Arduino board. Tags are dynamically updated on the form. The possible states are presented in a text widget, where an active state has a green background and yellow caracters. States are also updated. Masking and forcing is like the VBA app possible by message or by a click on the process value (see the example). I used a monitor for presenting and programming the application; goal was a simple SCA (not DA yet), so i've ordered a HMI screen the size of the raspberry...