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If you like programming, electronics, making controls; in general automation, then take a look at the "Arduino Finite State Machine". The site describes part of terms and techniques used in the automation of (industrial) controls based on Arduino/Visual Studio and can also be used for understanding some basic PLC and HMI techniques. 
The AFSM is a software environment for the development of embedded systems. Applications are made by VisualMicro (sketches)  and Visual Basic (scada), both in Visual studio Community (all freeware). Controls are made based on the principles of a finite state machine. This site descibes some theory and offers the software for making controls based on the MEGA 2560 and MEGA DUE boards. Both application and development software are freeware. 

  •  Keep everything simple and focus on functionality; build and test an embedded system the easy way!


Highlights of the Arduino Finite State Machine website:

  • Some theory about Finite State Machines
  • Digital I/O, analogue I/O, temperature measurement, ultrasonics and servo's are standard supported
  • After the definition of the I/O, the process information is direct available in both the serial monitor as on the PC
  • After the definition of the I/O, the I/O can be monitored and controlled by the HMI app
  • Many usefull functions for implementing a finite state machine
  • The FSM supports multiple active states
  • The communication between the board and the PC is made by pre-defined messages
  • Every terminal program (TTY) can communicate with the board
  • There are 2 different HMI versions for windows: Serial and Internet communication
  • Communication between the board and HMI with error correction
  • Markers (no I/O attached) can be used for exchanging data between the board and the PC
  • The HMI contains a tool for trending max 3 I/O signals on the screen
  • With the HMI, the I/O can be writen to an access database
  • Easy Tool for defining TAGS/Pins; the Configurator
  • Declaring I/O in the UserConfiguration.h file
  • The actual finite state machine can be made in the UserFiniteStateMachine.h file
  • The VBA standard program is very suitable for making your own HMI application
  • The HMI presents some basic information of the board, free RAM, time on the board, and FSM cycle time
  • NEWEST Downloadable software package; V2.6, HMI, Configurator, Sketch

I made it as a hobby for rainy days. Some knowledge of programming C++ for Arduino and Visual Basic/Visual Studio is needed. Enjoy this site and feel free to contact me.


Jelle Siemonsma
Wytgaard, the Netherlands