In some situations, for example building trends, information has to be send on regular base to the supervisor program (polling). This is possible by sending the PAI command to the board for polling analogue information. Analogue information could be an analogue input, a PWM signal or an ultrasonic signal. The range for the polling frequency is 1..3600 seconds. The received value will be in the range from 0..1023. 

PAIReceiveSend@PAI,<0000..1023>,<tagname>Polled data message
Possible error messages coming from the board
%FAT-UNKCMD-BTSERIAL, Unknown command received
%PDI-UNKCMD-BTSERIAL, %PDI-UNKCMD-BTSERIAL, poll freq not between 0..3600
%PDI-UNKCMD-BTSERIAL, Unknown tagname received