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23. Sep 2018
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Release notes:
  • The ESP8266 is now connected at the TX3/RX3 hardware serial port of the MEGA board  
  • The queue mechanism in VBA for resending lost message can be turned on/off. In some situations, messages can be lost occasionally (like trending). In such a case you can turn of the VBA message queue.
  • The ESP8266 is receiving and sending the "@" messages for communication between the board and VBA. When it is not a "@" message, the ESP messages and information is printed at the serial monitor from the MEGA board.
  • Build in watchdog for monitoring communication with the PC.

Packet contains:

  • VBA Debugger program
  • Sketch (AFSM), IoT version.
  • Wifi sketch for ESP8266
  • Simple example of a UserConfiguration and UserFiniteStateMachine

Developed in Visual Studio Community 2015
Hardware: Arduino MEGA2560 and Generic ESP8266 module

(see also the news article about the new release)



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