Standard test 180827 sketch and VBA.zip

Standard test 180827 sketch and VBA.zip
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27. Aug 2018
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ZIP file contains:

The latest standard software of aug 27, 2018. All software is part of a solution called Standard test 280825.001 and contains the projects; VB (debug program for Windows 10) and the arduino Sketch for the 2560 Mega board.


Developing tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.4.1 VisualStudio.15.Release/15.4.1+27004.2005 Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.7.03056
vMicro ide version 1.6/1.8


The next upgrades are implemented per Aug 27, 2018:

  • The reading of ultrasonic HC-SR04 (standard ultra sonic device) is now programmed in the sketch itself. The NewPing library is not longer used.
  • Performance issue: Message @CHM, Cancel HMI Messages is now part of the standard. When closing the debugger form (trigger "MyBase.Closing" in VBA), the message is send to the board and all poll and report messages are cancelled. Not yet implemented on the raspberry pi platform.


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