See figure below for the available analogue out area (pins 0..9) for PWN outputs, servo's and one wire sensors. Remember that the board omits a D/A-converter. So the analogue output pins are PWMdigital outputs.


Figure no.  4 Analogue output pins 

The available area for the user sketch is limited by Pin 13 (reserved for presentation of the behaviour). For the declaration of the pins and there tagnames it is important to let the number of pins to be equal with the tagnames (except for the one-wire channel). The order of the I/O type is mandatory, but the pins of one I/O type should fit together. Per I/O type you have to declare; the number of pins, the first pin to start the range and the tagnames.Available in this range is also the "one-wire" bus. A series of temperature transmitters like the DS18B20 can communicate via this one-wire channel. The sketch supports 1 one-wire channel for a number of TT's. see also the figure below: