Intro2The " Arduino Finite State Machine"  is a software environment for the development of embedded systems. Applications are made by VisualMicro (sketches)  and Visual Basic (scada), both in Visual studio. Controls are made based on the principles of a finite state machine. This site descibes some theory and offers the software for making controls based on the MEGA 2560 boards. Download the software for free. 

  •  Keep everything simple and focus on functionality; build and test an embedded system the easy way!


Highlights of the Arduino Finite State Machine website:

The site describes part of terms and techniques used in the automation of (industrial) controls based on Arduino/Visual Studio and can also be used for understanding some basic PLC and HMI techniques. I made it as a hobby for rainy days. Some knowledge of programming C++ for Arduino and Visual Basic/Visual Studio is needed. Enjoy this site and feel free to contact me.

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Jelle Siemonsma

Wytgaard, the Netherlands