Years ago a colleague of me told me about Arduino. He had made an application for Ambilight based on Arduino and he was very enthusiastic. For the making of little controls for the annual village festivals, I was looking for some sort of simple PLC for building it and an Arduino board seems a good alternative. So I bought a MEGA 2560 and made my first sketch in 2012; It was an application for a game that counted the most possible turns a person can make around a rod during 30 seconds. The results were presented via a laptop; rounds, high scores, time to go... Making rounds -around a rod- can do funny things for a men’s brain... Making the sketch was also fun to do, everything worked fine and most imported it was stable. Arduino seems to be a platform ideal for hobby. First years of my working period, about 15 years, I had a job in IT and after that I became project manager at a system integrator. I kept my interest for programming and specially controls. So, during rainy days I started building software for a finite state machine on the Arduino platform and made this site as a hobby. The site describes part of terms and techniques used in the automation of (industrial) controls and can be used for hobby (specially Arduino/Visual Studio) but also for understanding some basic PLC and HMI techniques. Enjoy this site and feel free to contact me.

Jelle Siemonsma

Wytgaard, the Netherlands